How To Move Cities In Your Twenties

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Find a job before you move

Do not intend to live off of the savings you have accrued. Invest that in unexpected or upfront costs like furniture, damage deposit, or a first bus pass. It’s ESSENTIAL to have a job contract signed before you relocate to cover your rent, groceries and essential bills due at the end of the month.

Check out who lives there

Get on the Meetup app, search the city’s events on Facebook, and dating apps to see who lives there and what is going on. Many cultural events are happening online, which makes it easy to experience a city from afar.

Decrease your credit card limit

Do not click the button at the ATM that entices you to accept a 10000 credit card limit. I am still paying off the credit card debt I accrued during this time and wish that would not have been an option. Credit cards should be avoided and only used in emergencies. I would suggest only having $750–1000 credit available.

Choose your roommates wisely

There are no guarantees when it comes to roommates. Homes are where a person’s true colours, habits and private tendencies are on display. I moved in with a close friend and her partner because they promised a warm, family-like atmosphere that would make it easier to transition from living at home. The reality was stark in contrast.

Find a therapist or support group

If you do not have many friends in your new city, it can become an isolating experience that can be hard on your mental health. Look into affordable counselling through your university, send emails to therapists about sliding scale or find a support group in your area. An hour a couple of times a month to spew out all of my mixed emotions was helpful and alleviated some of my internal struggles.

Research neighbourhoods

What does your sleeping patterns and neighbourhood have to do with each other? Everything. I remember crying, wound up so tight because I was not used to falling asleep with constant downtown city noise. I had grown up in a quiet suburb and did not sleep well for the first month and a half.

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