• Angie Mosher

    Angie Mosher

    24 year oldwriting graduate, shouting into the void, but in an optimistic way, publishing with respect and care on unceded Algonquin territory.

  • Leo Zeballos

    Leo Zeballos

    A student of life. Writing about personal growth and mental clarity. Let's chat: leozeballos8@gmail.com

  • Kevin King

    Kevin King

    Politics, culture, humor. Twitter: https://twitter.com/kevinh8swriting

  • Gloria Prowell

    Gloria Prowell

    No titles, just optimistic person trying to bring joy to others

  • Mike Joel

    Mike Joel

    Experienced Content Writer, Strategist and Research Analyst, with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.

  • Alex


    Student. Whovian. Loves music. Disabled due to chronic pain, etc. Misdiagnosed & undiagnosed. “I'm in pain. Every day. It changed me…” ~ House

  • Joseph Serwach

    Joseph Serwach

    Story + Identity = Mission. Author, Writer: Journalism, Leadership Culture, Communications, Religion, Education, History. Inspiration: Catholic, Polish.

  • Dr. Christine Bradstreet

    Dr. Christine Bradstreet

    I help Type A’s find their Zen. Editor of Change Your Mind Change Your Life. I wrote a book to help you be happy. Get yours at www.happyeverafter.info

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